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And you’re called the ice princess?




Got a text from my mom to call her...I don't know, I'm just amused at the nothing that transpired between us.

Mom: Are you asleep?
Me: No.
Mom: Are you awake?
Me: Yes.
Mom: So I got your bank statement and wanted to see if the charges that were made were yours.
Me: They are.
Mom: Okay, that's it. Call home over the weekend.
Me: I will.
Mom: Bye.
Me: Bye.
Everyone: Katniss Everdeen! The Girl On Fire! Peeta Mellark! The Boy With Bread!
Peeta: Wait-I was on fire too.
Everyone: Yeah, but you bake. So you're The Boy With the Bread
Peeta: So? Katniss hunts. Why isn't she called The Girl Who Hunts?
Everyone: Because she was on fire.
Peeta: But I was on fire too.
Everyone: Yeah but you bake.
Peeta: That's not-
Everyone: BOY.
Peeta: Very-
Everyone: WITH.
Peeta: Fair-
Everyone: BREAD.
Peeta: .....
Everyone: Would you rather be called The Boy With a Fake Leg?
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I figure not many or no one will answer me, but I’ll have to try, won’t I? I wanna watch a movie, but I don’t know what so if can someone suggest movies for me to watch on this fine Friday night then Saturday and then Sunday?

I plan on not doing anything academically related till Monday since I’ve done much of my work early. Schway (a hah hah). 


James Morrison - Please Don’t Stop The Rain

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